Meetings start at about 10:30 and finish sometime before 16:00.  Afterwards the members retire to the Rose Inn to review the day's proceedings.

If it's your first meeting we have a helpful information sheet which can be downloaded here.

The programme for 2019 is:

Sunday 20th January - Club Launch

Sunday 17th February - Club Launch
Sunday 17th March - Club Launch
Monday 22nd April (Easter Monday) - Club Launch
Sunday 19th May - Club Launch  & AGM
Sunday 16th June  - Club Launch
Saturday 20th July - Club Launch & Annual Challenge
Sunday 18th August - Club Launch
Sunday 15th September - Club Launch
Sunday 20th October - Club Launch
Sunday 17th November - Club Launch
Sunday 15th December - Club Launch

NOTAMs are submitted for 3000 ft.  Flights above this altitude will not be permitted as the site is underneath class D airspace.

Tips to get the most out of your day:
There are no toilets, so you might want to visit Magor Services before you go to the field.
Bring wellington boots, particularly after rain.
Very good pub lunches are available at the Rose Inn, Redwick
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