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Green Rockets
The club challenge for 2014 was to build a rocket entirely from recycled materials.  One point was added for each second of flight, and five were lost for any rocket components used in construction.  BP motors up to a total of G Impulse could be used.

The entries showed a lot of ingenuity. Luke found some really good plastic packing material that made really good fins.  Mark tried helicopter recovery and found that the tips from Whitworths cake icing sets make really good nosecones.  Phil used the cases from 3 Glenfiddich minatures to make a body tube.

The flights went really well.  Mark's Toblerone Terror started the day with a flight so fast that we all lost it so we couldn't get a time.  Luke went next with his two-stage Wrapper One.  After that flight the competion was for second place, because no-one was going to beat 2 minutes.  Phil's Whisky Galore went next, but the flight we all wanted to see was Luke's Saturn V.  Five motors roared into life, and it lept off the pad in a dead straight boost.  It looked good, and flew even better.

As usual, the challenge provided some fun and developed members' technical skills, but there had to be a winner.  The results were:
I've attached a few of my pictures.  If anyone has any more pictures then email them to me and I'll add them to the site.
Position Name Saucer Name Motors Time Remarks
1 Luke Vyle Wrapper 1 D12-0 to D12-7 2 min 8 sec Staged
2 Phil Charlesworth Whisky Galore D12-5 53.6 Sec
3 Luke Vyle Saturn V 5 x D12-5 33.84 Sec
4 Mark Batten Toblerone Terror D12-5 N/K -5 points for using kevlar string
Toblerone Terror Padding up TT Wrapper One
Wrapper One Lift Off Saturn V Saturn V Lift Off
Whisky Galore