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Egg Lofting
Position Name Time Egg Parachutes Delay
1 Dave Tranter 1 min 16.9 sec OK 30 inch 3 sec
2 Dave Tranter 47.41 sec OK 30 inch 3 sec
3 Phil Charlesworth 41.54 sec OK 30 inch 5 sec
4 Andy Dingley 28.10 sec OK 18 inch 3 sec
5 Dave Bishop 25.25 sec OK 30 inch
16 inch
12 inch
5 sec
6 Dave Bishop 24.44 sec OK 30 inch 3 sec
7 Adam Elameer 19.59 sec OK 18 inch 3 sec
8 Dave Tranter 18.40 sec OK 30 inch 3 sec
9 Andy Dingley 17.50 sec OK 2 x 12 inch 3 sec
10 Adam Elameer Disqualified
11 Dave Bishop Disqualified
The competition was won by Dave Tranter.  The club shelled out in a cracking good prize:  the Estes Black Brant kit and a medal. 

The picture shows a very eggcited Dave receiving his prize.

The results of the competition  were:
Every year FOG lays down a technical challenge for its members to help to develop skills and innovation.  The 2011 club challenge was Egg Lofting.  Rockets could only use a single C impulse motor.  This required a lot of eggsperience in building very light rockets.
Three lessons were learned for successful egglofting:
1. Keep it light.  The top 3 places went to scratch-built rockets.  Kits were less successful as they were heavier.
2.  Egg lofting with small rockets requires low delays and really big chutes.
3.  The parachute needs to be packed carefully so that it opens very quickly.